About Amanda Marcus, LCMT

Ever since my first massage I knew this was going to be a passion of mine. Working with my hands has always been the best method of expressing my intention toward the world around me. What makes the best therapists stay the best is a contuinuous curiosity and amazement at how elegantly the body works -- as well as a need to figure out how to make it move and function better. Toward that end, I am constantly studying and implementing new techniques and theories in bodywork.

How I see Massage Therapy

Each new body is a puzzle. Each new client is a story. Through a deep understanding of the human body and information from the client, the puzzle will start to come together.

I see massage as an art form. It is a discipline just like any other creative outlet. Dancing, art, or playing a musical instrument is about listening to a rhythm, a color, a sound. In massage I am listening to another person through my hands by feeling for points of restriction and tension, and working to unbind and release them.


I graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in February 2006 with 900 hours of education, and am currently pursuing a full certification in Craniosacral Therapy and Aston Patterning. I am trained in and regularly use a broad spectrum of styles geared toward relaxation, tension release, chronic pain relief, and more specialized individual goals.